I must admit, I was surprised. Caught off guard to be exact. As I watched SpongeBob with my daughter on the couch, I received a MLB Trade Rumors notification on my phone.

Ho hum. Another arbitration avoidance or perhaps a minor league signing. No big deal right? Except, did that say “White Sox acquire”? I think so.

And I’m pretty sure it said “White Sox trade Addison Reed”. Whoa. That’s big. OK, maybe it’s big to me because I’m a White Sox fan, but still, this is big.

I immediately became excited. Who’d they get?!?! I hope a third baseman. Maybe a catcher. Hopefully somebody major league ready? Nah. No way Reed would bring back someone of that caliber.

I go to Twitter, and my TL has absolutely exploded. Matt Davidson is coming to the White Sox from the Arizona Diamondbacks, in exchange for Addison Reed. This is good. This is really good.

Yes, Reed’s been pretty good. He saved 40 games in 2013, with an ERA less than 4.00. Not bad. Not great. I like Addison. He’s developed a good slider to go along with a mid- 90’s fastball.

But, closers are a dime a dozen. Unless we’re talking about trading Mariano Rivera, I’m all for it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Addison. But, if he can bring us a potential everyday, quality third baseman, with power, for the next 10 years? Let’s go.

Sure, Matt Davidson is just a prospect. And the White Sox have certainly had their share of third base prospects. (See Josh Fields) But I like this kid. Ranked as the 88th top prospect according to Baseball America, Davidson has tons of potential. And that’s what this team and organization needs.

Long infused with young pitching talent, the White Sox have been lacking that same young talent positionally. In the past 5 months, Sox GM Rick Hahn has acquired Avisail Garcia, José Abreu, Adam Eaton, and now Matt Davidson.

4 legit prospects. Young, talented, and all major league ready. Something that couldn’t be said about the White Sox even a year ago. There’s still a ways to go, but this is certainly a good start.

Could Davidson be a bust? Of course he could. But I like Hahn’s determination to get the guy he wants.

He did the exact same thing last week during the Winter Meetings when he acquired Adam Eaton (from the same Arizona Diamondbacks) in a 3 three team trade. Hahn has longed for Eaton for the last couple years, and now, he’s got him.

Sure, they dealt Hector Santiago to get Eaton. But they dealt from a position of strength, pitching. And yes, you can “never have enough pitching”. But who the hell needs (or wants) 4 left-handed starters in their rotation?

Of course it would have been nice to deal John Danks instead of Santiago. But nobody wants the albatross of a contract that Danks has, and the Sox certainly aren’t willing to eat most of it. (Though I guarantee Danks is much improved in 2014.) The Sox have pitching to give up, and they did just that, to acquire young talent.

If you’re mad Addison Reed is gone, fine. If you’re mad Hector Santiago is gone, fine. But your favorite baseball team just got better. Closer is an easy position to fill. Nate Jones and Daniel Webb are waiting in the wings.

You want a starter to replace Santiago? Done. Erik Johnson will be ready in 2014, as well as the recently acquired Felipe Paulino.

All I know is this: For the first time in a long time, the White Sox have young talent. At first base. In center field. In left field. And now, at third base. There’s still a ways to go, but, as of December 16th, bravo Rick Hahn.